The feeling you get from owning a boat is a little like sex.  If you've owned a boat, no
explanation is necessary...and if you haven't, no explanation is possible.

Here are some photos and comments sent in by O'Day owners.  If you're one of them,
you will understand how we feel.  If you don't have an O'Day, then buy one!  You'll love
being part of the O'Day owners community.
the story of how he picked up the boat at a bargain price.

"I just got my new O'Day 25 from the previous owner who had simply
gotten too busy to sail her anymore.  To make a short story long, she had
been at a slip in Boston Harbor costing $$$'s, so she was moved to the
Rhode Island/Connecticut border hoping for a mooring, which never
happened.  Sitting for 6 years beside his parents home, up a curvy uphill
driveway, under a tree, it became apparent getting her back into the water
could be a costly exercise.......therefore her purchase price of $1.00, which
I happily paid.  I should say the previous owner was hoping for someone
that would take the time and effort to restore and sail her as she should
be......that's where I came in.

"I promised her previous owner he could sail her anytime he
long as he promised to bring her back."
Hugh Robertson sent in this picture, taken in July 2007, of his O'Day 23.  
Says Hugh, "We were  sailing with my wife and friends on Clinton Lake in
East Central Illinois in a pleasant breeze before a race."
Bob Fiondella wrote in some time ago with this intriguing email, which he
later followed up:  "I recently bought a 1989 16’ CC O’Day that had been
warehoused for 20 years. This boat has never been registered,  touched
the water and has a clean title. It was at a dealer who stopped selling
boats and started selling motorcycles and ATV’s. The boat was stored
and is in new condition."

Later, Bob sent in this picture and wrote "I splashed the O’Day Legend 16’
Center Console this weekend in Guilford CT.  This boat has finally been
registered and touched the water after 20 years of being dormant.  
Performance was outstanding.  She is married up with a Mercury 60HP 2
stroke which seems to do the job just fine."
This is Dane Fortney enjoying a spectacular spring day on Lake St Clair,
Michigan, on his 1980 O'Day 37.  Dane wrote, " I purchased Robert L in
the winter of 2005/2006 from Ron Thomas.  She has become one of the
loves of my life.  I have sailed her south to Cleveland and north to Alpena.  
This year she will be docked at Mackinac Island for a week in July.  I hope
the honeymoon never ends."
Marc Robic sent in this docksite shot of his 1977 O'Day 25 centerboard.  
The picture was taken on the day the boat was re-christened Aquaholic.  
Says Marc, "We are located in Montreal and sail Lake St-Louis, Lake of
Two-Mountains and the Lake St-Francis area."
Mike and Sandy Wannell from across the pond sent in this photo of their
O'Day 322 "sailing (sort of) back from Plymouth to Falmouth, complete
with Union Jack!  She is called Wing to Wing at present, started out as
Hideaway but the person we bought her from was a pilot, hence the Wing
to Wing.  We intend to rename her yet again with something more
personal, if only we could think of one . . . oh well, it'll come eventually, will
keep you posted."
Mike & Linda Wicklein sent in this picture of tranquil bliss featuring their
new-to-them O'Day.   "We got our Mariner 'Miss L' in the water a few days
ago and wanted to share a few pics.  It's hull # 9619, Class No. 200.  We
have 3 other O'Days tied up near us.  I haven't met the owners yet.  It looks
like O'Day alley.  We're on Middle River, just off of the Chesapeake Bay.".
Mike Measel sent in this outstanding picture of his boat, "ON THE ROCKS
- no salt".  Says Mike, "Our O'Day is a 1987 272.  We sail on Lake Texoma
where the wind almost always blows, and sometimes too much!"
Herschel Hughes, Jr. submitted this photo of his O’Day Sprite, "Laddie II",
that turned 50 years old this summer.  "The crew consists of my brother
and I and his two children. This O’Day, perhaps one of the oldest of the
fleet still sailing, has been refurbished three times, the last time four years
ago.  It sees active sailing each year in the lakes of central Florida. "
Richard Hodgins sent in this picture of tranquility.  Said Richard, "This is
my 1983 O'Day 23 in her berth. She sails the North Channel of Lake
Huron. Yes, I love my O'Day!"
Ken Fowle sent in some pictures of his O'Day/Marscot Puffin boat and
said, "Hello , I recently acquired a Puffin 14' . I grew up learning to sail  a
Sprite on a lake in New Hampshire.  That, and Dad reading Joshua
Slocum stories, led me to continue sailing. The boats got bigger, worked
in a sail loft, got my license, sailed in Tall Ships 2000. What fun !

The Puffin " Hufnpuf" is now moored at the same camp in New
Hampshire.  It is a wonderful boat to sail . Anyone have more info on the
design or designer?  A short video of her can be seen on youtube, search
for O'Day 09.

Thanks for a great website . We still have and sail the Sprite !"
Barbara and Lloyd Conley sent in a couple of pictures of their O'Day 40,
S/V SolMate.  You can find this and the other photo on the O'Day 40 page
under Model Information.
Site visitor Debi (no last name) sent in this photo of her O'Day Kitten
which she was preparing to sell.
Patrick Sullivan sent in this photo of his O'Day 272, "Airwaves".
Alex Engelsman wrote in to say "Hi" and said "Attached is pic of our
O'day 25 "The Getaway" cruising our home port of Chicago."
David Gosnell writes, "My wife and I purchased a Mariner earlier this
spring as we had just moved to Erie.  It was in pretty bad shape and i
knew nothing about sailing (or boating at all)  but we managed to get it
seaworthy and have taken it out several times.  I have grown to love
sailing more then i ever had imagined."
Dave Bowen emailed "Attached is a picture of the 'Old Fox 2' in
Swampscott Harbor (MA).  I have owned this boat for 3 years, moving
down from a lovely O'Day 222 that I sailed for about 15 years.  I went
back to a DaySailer because I had fond memories of the original 'Old
Fox' - a DaySailer I had back in the '60s and '70s.

The distinctive sails on this boat make it a well-known sight on those
weekends when I can get out for a sail."
Doug King wrote in recently with this request for help from anyone who
might have a spare or unused Javelin lying around:

"I am a volunteer sailing coach for a high school sailing program. This
is a river town, we have a great sailing venue and lots of local support...
although a bit short on cash.

We have solicited donations of boats TO USE (as opposed to sell for
funds) and put together a rather nice fleet... except that we need more
boats! The kids have learned a lot, and are having fun, but about half of
them have to wait on the dock for their turn. The result is that they don't
learn as much as they could because their sailing time is so limited.

Last year we were donated an Oday Javelin, which unlike many boats
we are offered was in good sailing condition. It was an immediate hit
with the students. The coaches, who are mostly racing sailors, did not
care for it, but we were short of space afloat. Then we were offered
another Oday Javelin, in decent sailing condition.

After a year of teaching sailing in these boats, we have come to the
conclusion that these are pretty darn good boats and would like to have
a couple more of them.

Here is our web site

Sincere thanks to all,
"Coach Doug""
Bob Edgarton sent in this photo of his new boat and says, "This is my
Tempest, named Retreat.  Family legend says I cut my teeth on an
oarlock, and I've loved being on or near the water ever since.  A friend
of a friend had the Tempest in storage, and wanted to sell, so I got a
wonderful boat at a price much lower than I ever imagined.

This Phil Rhodes design sails in the slightest breeze, but has also
weathered 30mph gusts and accompanying seas off Pemaquid Point.  I
only wish I had more time to sail, and a longer sailing season.  In this
picture she rests at a mooring after enduring Small Craft Warning
Keefer and Liza Douglas emailed with a great picture and a great tale...

"Attached is a pic of our 1984 O'Day 34, Jack-a-Roe, at anchor in the
Wye River, on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake.  She is hull #205,
and we are her second owners.  We bought her in December 2009, and
sail her out of Deale, MD.  She is our first boat, purchased after getting
married in October, 2009 (we used our wedding registry for a boat fund
and related equipment / accessories!).  She has been a Chesapeake
cruiser her whole career, and we are continuing to show her as much
of the bay as we can in our first season out on the water.

All the best from two newly minted O'Day lovers.
Drew from Ohio wrote in to say, "I thought I would share a few pictures
of my 1976 Javelin.  I've had the boat for about a year and a half, and
have not been disappointed.  It's a great little boat.  We usually sail on
Hoover Reservoir in Columbus, Ohio, but it's made a few trips.  Both of
the pictures on the water are at Hoover. The 3rd is actually right after
we bought it, rigged in the backyard.  We still haven't capsized it, and
don't plan to!  We have had one somewhat nerve wracking encounter
with the 80 ft dam here during a storm.  If there's one thing I've learned
from sailing here, it's the fact that you can never predict the weather!"

You can find more of Drew's pictures on the Javelin model page on this
Wayne Burke wrote in to say, "Hello From Murray River, PEI, Canada...   I
just bought a 28' O'Day yesterday from a chap down in Chatham,
Mass,   and as a result,  I've been surfing at length,  trying to learn all I
can about my boat...   This site is a wealth of knowledge and I feel lucky
to have found you...   I'm not sure if you have a Directory of any sorts,   
Mailing List,  etc.,   but I'm sending you this short email all the same,  
just to introduce myself and touch base...  Attached is a pic of my 1982 -
28' O'Day,   "Blue Lightning"...  Looking forward to utilizing your site as
time goes by...   Cheers..
Marc Robic, who is Harbour Master / Capitaine du port at Ile-Perrot
Yacht Club / Club Nautique Ile-Perrot, Ile-Perrot, Quebec, sent in the
above pictures and a shout-out to all:

"Hello fellow O'Day lover!  I thought you might enjoy these two pictures.  
One is my REAL O'Day 25 during last year's sailpass at the yacht club
and the second is the result of an avid sailor who looks for something
to do during cold Montreal winters.... I am sure you'll enjoy both..."
Bill and Beth Prater of Tampa Bay, Florida, wrote it to say, "I am
attaching a couple of pictures of my 192.  She's a 1985 model.  
Interestingly, I have owned her twice.  Sold her, regretted it when
replacement boat didn't work out, heard a rumor ... two days later,
she's ours again.  We call her Salomea - Polish for "peace"."
Barry and Lisa Kahr wrote in from the great state of Texas to say, "Hi
Mike, Dig the site.  Here's a recent picture of MissBHaven in the fog just
before Christmas.  She's a 1981 28 O'day sailing out of Cypress Creek
Marina on Lake Travis, Austin TX."