(This is one of a number of sailboats distributed by O'Day but built by other manufacturers.)
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The Albacore design by Uffa Fox has been built by Fairey Marine, Grampian, Whitby,
Ontario Yachts, and other manufacturers since 1954.  Its popularity is attested to by the
fact that the hull numbers are now well into the 8000 series, and it has several national
class associations as well as an international association.

The basics of the Albacore are a length of 15 feet, a beam of 5 feet, and a weight of 240
pounds.  But its appeal can best be summed up by a quote from the International
Albacore Association web site:  "The Albacore is a boat that is both simple to get into at
first, and one which will challenge your tuning and tactical skills for the rest of your life."
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