(This is one of a number of sailboats distributed by O'Day but built by other manufacturers.)
General Information
The Dolphin was designed by Sparkman & Stephens for the O'Day Corporation and 36
were built between 1961 and 1967 by Lunn Laminates Inc..  The hull, deck, and cockpit
were made of molded fiberglass and she boasted a 1440 lb. lead ballast keel bolted to
the hull with bronze bolts.

The Dolphin was also marketed by US Yachts Inc. of East Norwalk, CT and later by
Yankee Yachts of Santa Ana, CA as the Yankee Dolphin.  Minor changes to the
specifications were made by the different builders.
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Years produced
Number produced
Overall length
Waterline length
Sail area
I measurement
J measurement
P measurement
E measurement
1961 - 1967
24' 0"
19' 0"
4' 10"
291 sq. ft.
30.6 ft.
9.1 ft.
26.5 ft.
11.6 ft.
4500 lb.
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