(This is one of a number of sailboats distributed by O'Day but built by other manufacturers.)
General Information
The Duckling was one of a number of models from British boatbuilder Fairey Craft that
was sold in the U.S. by O'Day.  

Some advertising copy about the Duckling:  "The DUCKLING Versatile 9-foot dinghy
rows, tows, pulls, powers.  Stable, trim craft -- ideal for yacht's general purpose dinghy.  
Light, strong -- laminated mahogany.  Carries 4 h.p. outboard.
Complete:  Sailing $298.00, Rowing $205.00, F.O.B. (duty paid) Boston".

In all, there were four versions of the Duckling: the original rowing tender, a gaff rigged
sailing version with a dagger board, a Bermuda rigged sailing version, and even a
motorized version called the Gosling that had a one-cylinder air-cooled motorcycle
engine driving the propeller through a rubber hose coupling.
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Years produced
Number produced
Overall length
Waterline length
Sail area
I measurement
J measurement
P measurement
E measurement

9' 0"

4' 0"
1' 6"
Main 40 sq. ft.  Jib 14 sq. ft.

135 lbs.
4 HP outboard
Advertising that featured the Duckling
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