General Information
Designed by C. Raymond Hunt Associates.  Styling and finish by Gunn Associates
(Boston).  Hydrokeel by Innovative Sailing Design, Ltd. (Seattle)
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Years produced
Number produced
Overall length
Waterline length
Mast height above DWL
Mainsail area
I measurement
J measurement
P measurement
E measurement
Fuel capacity
Fresh water capacity
Holding tank capacity
1986 - 1989
32' 2"
26' 8"
10' 8"
4' 2"
42' 10"
228.6 sq. ft.
235.8 sq. ft.
38' 6"
12' 3"
33' 3"
13' 9"
3,850 lbs.
10,250 lbs.
Yanmar 2GMF
19 gallons
60 gallons
16 gallons
5 cu. ft.
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Miscellaneous information
From Joseph James on 02/02/2000:

I've either experienced or read about the following problems with 322's:

1.  Keel bolts that can't be tightened due to excess bedding compound on the threads and under the
washers (Cure by stacking extra washers under the nuts).

2. Casting slag blisters on the top surfaces of the wing keel wings

3. Cracked and leaking fixed ports on the cabintop due to overtightened mounting screws

4. Leaking aft cabin opening port due to poor sealing with the hull (no external flange)

5. Hairline cracks/crazing in gelcoat on deck at various locations

6. Isofurl headsail furler (1989 models) was recalled by Beneteau because its boats using the same
furler had suffered headstay separation under severe conditions on a few occasions.  I was assured by
Isomat people that the O'Day application was not nearly as highly stressed as the Beneteau boats
were. I still use the Isofurl with no problems yet.

I wouldn't let these problems prevent a purchase, as all are easily
dealt with or lived with, but it may affect the price you are willing to

From Peter Dodenhoff on 01/08/2007

Keel bolt torque on O'Day 322 -- 280 ft-lbs. on the 1" bolts and 160 ft-lbs on the 3/4" bolts.