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1959 - 1966
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hours of October 25, 1960, and also contributed this anecdote:

“My Dad bought the Puffin ostensibly for me, but he was between cruising boats
(neither were O'Day's) and I think he missed sailing.  He offered me a deal...either
summer at a sailing camp or my own day sailer.  I chose the latter.  I don't think we
owned the Puffin which we called "Dovekie" more than a year or two...then I believe my
Dad sold her, maybe once I had left for college.  We didn't have many sails on her.  We
launched her one fall day and sailed out among the Thimble Islands off Stony Creek in
Branford, CT.  A storm came up and we beat retreat to the nearest shelter.  She was
adorable though and seemed very stable.

I know that it was about the time we bought the Puffin that we went to New York City for
the New York Boat Show at the Coliseum at Columbus Circle.  That evening we went to
the New York Yacht Club for the annual meeting and dinner of the North American
Yacht Racing Union.  I was unbelievably thrilled to be seated directly across the table
from George O'Day himself.  I remember him as a very charming man who didn't mind
talking to the fourteen-year-old across the table who had just acquired a Puffin!

I have been inspired to dig out these pictures because a dear young friend of mine is
restoring an O'Day Javelin we found in the rushes at a local boat yard for his senior
class project at high school.  The Puffin looked very much like a small rather squattty
Javelin, but the empahsis was on stability not speed.  Maybe that's why there were only
60 or so of them built.”
This Puffin was recently restored by a deep sea fisherman in Maine.