General Information
From an Early-1970's O'Day Swift Sailboat Magazine Ad:  "Sailboarding!  The word
conjures up images combining the excitement of sailing with the thrills of surfing - and
that's just about what happens.  These little beauties skim across the top of the water like
it's glass.  They're ultra-maneuverable...and they're so portable you can store them just
about anywhere.  With features like a recessed self-bailing cockpit and foam-packed
glassed-together hull and deck for positive floatation, you can be righted and on your
way in less than a minute after a capsize.  Easily car-toppable - and easily affordable!"
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Years produced
Number produced
Overall length
Waterline length
Sail area
I measurement
J measurement
P measurement
E measurement
1964 - 1972
10' 4"
3' 2"
3" / 2' 6"
44 sq. ft.

80 lbs.
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