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From the US Woodpussy Class Association:  "The WoodPussy is a classic 13' catboat
designed by the famous designer Philip Rhodes in mid-1940�s. It was originally built in
wood but builders soon made the WoodPussy one of the first day sailors produced in
fiberglass (mid 1950�s). Approx. 75 of the original WoodPussys still survive. An
evolution developed in the 1960�s as wooden spars were replaced with aluminum. With
a 6' beam, 130 sq. ft. of sail, and a modern Marconi rig, the WoodPussy combines the
qualities of a comfortable day sailor and an exciting racer. In light to moderate air, it is an
easy-to-sail, stable boat that can comfortably accommodate four adults and a cooler for
a day or evening outing."
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1959 - 1968
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U.S. Woodpussy Class Association
Bill and Kai Madsen's
The MaGuire boat was exhibited at the Catboat Association Meeting (CBA), in Groton CT. (near Mystic) Feb, 1, 2, 3 2008.
Philip Rhodes designed wooden Woodpussy from the 1940's
From Tony D'Eloia - Fleet Capt, New England WoodPussy Association (NEWPA) on

Bill and Kai Madsen's "Popcat" (Built in the 50's_ a "Marscot" built boat, identical to the
O'days) was BEAUTIFULLY RESTORED and exhibited in 2007, by the United States
WoodPussy Association  along with a prototype of the new WoodPussys being built
again after a pause of 35 years by the Frank M. Weeks Yacht Yard, Patchogue Long
Island . The MaGuire boat will be completed shortly and
exhibited at the Catboat Association Meeting (CBA), in Groton CT. (near Mystic) Feb, 1,
2, 3 2008.

The WoodPussy class  is experiencing a
"renaissance" and there are now almost 100 identified, of which more than 60 are sailed
in four fleets in New Jersey, Michigan, and on Long Island. In addition there are several
of the original Philip L. Rhodes designed wooden Woodpussys (1940's) in restoration
mode. The boat shown is being restored in Frankfort Michigan and should be sailing
again this season.