Refurbing - The end of the project
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If you've been following the refurbing pages, you may have noticed that there haven't
been any recent updates.  There is a good reason for that...I've had to cancel the

Life, as John Lennon once said, is what happens while you're making other plans.  In
my case, life served up the Great Recession and long-term unemployment.  My
employer had to drastically scale back (and eventually folded),  I finally landed a
telecommuting position at greatly reduced pay, downsized my lifestyle and moved to a
smaller place on Florida's west coast, leaving my boat behind at a nearby dock.  The
new position also evaporated after a time, and prudence dictated it was time to scale
back even more.  The refurbing was progressing, but there was still a long way to go.  
A buyer appeared, and Sloop Du Jour was transferred to her new owner.  So ended
18 years of boat ownership, with half of that spent living aboard.
I continued my job search with few responses from employers.  I became convinced
that I would have to relocate for my next job, and I prepared for it.  Most household
belongings were sold, the remainder put in storage.  Kansas was looking like the most
likely job location, and I was wondering if I could sail those amber waves of
grain...when another position came through.  Telecommuting at anywhere...occasional travel...multinational corporation.  Of course I took it.

I've since had a number of consulting positions - Seattle, Orlando, Minneapolis,
Annapolis, Tennessee - and am now based out of Florida once again, telecommuting
by choice and by pandemic necessity.  I owned a Hunter 27 for about a year, but lost it
in a hurricane.  That's life.  The search for the next boat goes on.

Thanks for reading, and for visiting the site.