The feeling you get from owning a boat is a little like sex.  If you've owned a boat, no
explanation is necessary...and if you haven't, no explanation is possible.

Here are some photos and comments sent in by O'Day owners.  If you're one of them,
you will understand how we feel.  If you don't have an O'Day, then buy one!  You'll love
being part of the O'Day owners community.
Andreas Nahn sent in some photos from the past and says, "My dad
bought a Gannet in '80 or ’81.  I have very fond memories of sailing it on
the Potomac River.  It was what I learned to sail on.  Here are some
pictures, feel free to post them.  Thanks for a great site."
Mark Noggerath wrote it to share this beautiful photo of his old Sprite.
Here is Nate Bayreuther sailing his 1970 O'Day Mariner "Orion" in
Niantic Bay, Connecticut. A professional organist and pianist by trade,
Nate spends as much of his free time as possible sailing on Long Island
Sound.  He bought his boat in 2007 and painstakingly restored her that
winter.  He is currently the President of the Mariner Class Association
( which has 400 members across the nation.  
More about Nate's boat, his restoration and current Mariner
happenings can be found at:
Jeffrey (no last name or location given) wrote in and sent pictures of
his 1987 O'Day Legend 160.  Says Jeffrey, "I acquired this sweet little
skiff about 2 years ago.  The hull was rather rough when I got it.  Since
then I have had the entire gel coat re-sprayed due to spider cracks and
a number of holes in the boat where people had installed and removed
radios and fish finders throughout the years.  Also had the bottom
repaired and painted as there was a gash in the bottom where
someone had not loaded the boat properly.  This is a perfect fishing
boat that is very stable and handles rough water great!  I have removed
the old 48 horsepower outboard and installed a 90 horsepower
Johnson.  I have read that the max HP rating is 90, but it just seems a
little overkill for the 15'5” hull.  The 48 was just simply not enough
power, though.  I hope that these pictures will continue to surface on
your site, as I would like to see some more pictures of hulls that other
people have."
John and Avery Stobbe from Edmonton, Canada send in this photo of
sailing their Tempest O'day the Annigje (named after John's mother).
Taken from the ocean at Ladysmith, BC in 1999; John and Avery have
spent the last four summers learning to sail this wonderful boat and
have done tonnes of upgrades including, spit and polish of the hull, new
hull markings and name, new lacquer on the wood word, cockpit
cushions and the addition of a wonderful sound system. Sailing from
Sunshine Bay Yacht Club at Lake Wabamum this boat has become a
wonderful member of the family.
Yuri Gridin sent in this photo of his 1988 O'Day 322
"Windsong" sailing on Jamaica Bay, New York  Yuri says
succinctly, "Had it for 7 years now and not trading up :)".
Bill MacKenzie sent in this photo of what sailing is all about.  Says Bill,
"This is a picture of my 1984 Oday 28 sailing on Carlyle lake in Illinois.
My son Spencer is at the helm."
Dan Bourbeau wrote, "I'm new to the website, and saw that you were
looking for pictures of beloved O'Days.  Well, here's a picture of my
1979 O'Day 30, Liquidity.  We sail out of Fairhaven, MA.  I bought her in
2004, and have been sailing and working on her (loving both activities)
ever since.  This picture was taken by a friend from his boat while we
were sailing together in Buzzards Bay a few years back.
Talbot Bielefeldt sailing “Blue Moon” (O’Day Day Sailer 6546) on Waldo
Lake in Oregon, with Diamond Peak in the background. Photo by David

Blue Moon is a 1973 Day Sailer II, modified with oarlocks, waterproof
hatch, cuddy ports, double-reef mainsail, and other features to make it
more comfortable and secure for cruising. Blue Moon was being used
to transport landscape photographer Dave Jensen around Waldo Lake
so he could capture images from the water and boat-accessible
shoreline. Waldo is a semi-wilderness lake on the Willamette National
Forest. It has launch ramps on the east side and protected wilderness
around the rest of the lake. No internal combustion motors are allowed.
Christopher Clark in his O'Day 26 "Second Wind" sailing on Lake Erie.
Henry Wing of St. Joseph, Michigan, out for a solo sail in
Lake Michigan in 2016 on his 1981 O'Day 28.