In August of 2006 I started a complete refurbishment of my 1976 O'Day 32 Aft Cabin
sloop, "Sloop Du Jour".  This section of the web site will document the progress of this
long-term project, and maybe give you some ideas for your own boat.  I may also post
some requests for advice, as there are some problems that I'm having difficulty solving.

Some site visitors have asked me about my experience in boat refinishing.  It's all been
self-taught, from reading and watching others at work.  This project is by far the largest
I've ever tackled, and it will be a learning experience.

Check back occasionally  for new additions to the project pages.
Sloop Du Jour is happily docked in the canal behind my house, before
the beginning of the refurbing project.
Getting started
Dorade vent removal
Portlight replacement
Forward hatch and anchor locker hatch
Foredeck refinishing
Bowsprit replacement
BoatUS Boat Graphics
The end of the refurbing project